As the foundation for your home and your family, the trailer is the most important part of any tiny house.

Choose the foundation the experts use.

Foundation Trailers, a product of Tiny House Foundations, are mobile tiny house foundations designed, engineered and fabricated specifically to breeze your tiny house through the rigors of frequent travel.

Let us help you find the ideal tiny house trailer or design a custom trailer tailored to your specs.

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Quality you can SEE!

Like RV’s and tractor trailers, your tiny house will be open stress factors equal to the combination of category three cyclone and a magnitude 8 earthquake. Never completely satisfied with the safety and quality of offerings available, we designed a premium grade product, Foundation Trailers. Because of the profound quality, Foundation Trailers are being sought by tiny house builders and tiny house DIY-ers nationwide.

Small Change. BIG Impact.

Building for several years, we realized a flaw that needed to be changed: proper insulation. The flange on the side of the trailer that brings the width out to the 96” (8ft) is 6” wide on each side of the trailer. With walls being 3.5” thick, one is left with 2.5” of uninsulated space where its just bare steel and subfloor. This might seem like just a “little thing” but that could be the difference in your electric bill, a drain on your solar system or the difference in staying warm or cool!

To fix that issue, we dropped the side flange 3 1/8”. You can now fill that void with insulation. After installing the subfloor, the entire floor surface is insulated. Now, it’s easy to bolt down your walls and easy to insulate!

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