Inexperienced, uncomfortable or simply lack the time to make your tiny house livable?
Let Tiny House Foundations, the tiny house experts, complete your shell for you!
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So, what's the difference? Let's compare the two packages to see.

Level ONE Shell Package

Created for the ambitious, budget conscious DIYer.

Built on our specialized Foundation Trailers line designed for tiny house specific hauling.

Two layers of R-15 ROXUL (R-30 total)

A vapor barrier prevents moisture from damaging the fabric of the building.​

Specifically engineered to combine strength, superior moisture resistance and installation ease, AdvanTech flooring is the very best for a quiet, stiff floor.

  • Installed using 5/8”Grade 5 bolts and Simpson HTT4 brackets

  • Installed all necessary hurricane strapping

All seams taped with Zipwall seam tape to complete dry-in.

All seams taped with Zipwall seam tape to complete dry-in.

Window openings will need to be cut out once you are ready to install them.

Bildsworth International offers a DIY certification that we start and you finish. Extremely helpful in securing insurance on your tiny house as well as insuring your DIY efforts last like a professionals! For more information, check out

Level TWO Shell Package

Designed for the time conscious DIYer with a larger budget.

…plus everything noted below!

$1100 is included in the price for windows. This number could fluctuate (up or down) based on your design.

This does not include trim finishing such as painting.

  • All necessary wiring, electrical boxes, outlets, switches, electrical panel, DC panel(if applicable), 50 amp power inlet and 25’ 50 amp RV Cord.
  • Wiring for Fresh air exchangers. We include the Lunos E2 short pair exchangers. However, these require installation once when the finish walls are on.

We use a high CFM (cubic feet per minute) Panasonic bath fan design to fit into 2×4 wall framing.

This is for the fan that goes above the range.

Must have trim on the exterior to complete this step. Includes LED marker lights. (Must be done prior to unit being spray foamed)

  • All necessary PEX cold and hot water lines. Capped and tested to 100PSI with air.
  • Water inlet, Shower valve, Shower pan or Bathtub
  • All drain Lines stubbed out and capped where applicable
  • RV drain valve exit
  • On-demand Propane RV water heater
  • *Optional – Water tanks and pump when requested *
  • 2- 30lb propane tanks
  • Dual stage regulator
  • Steel gas pipe runs to appliances with shut off valves installed
  • Copper tubing w/flare connections ran to water heater and connected

Someone will need to  finish the copper tubing w/flare connections to any other appliances that are installed later in your build. Usually a propane stove/cooktop. Then test those connects. 

**Must use Flare connections. NO yellow flex tubing!**

  • Line sets, communication wire, and drain to be ran inside the walls to their termination points.
  • You will have a choice of a 9K BTU single zone, 12K BTU single zone, or an 18K BTU dual zone unit with your unit. They will be shipped with your shell and are to be install by a HVAC professional local to you after you have your finished wall installed.  

Closed cell spray foam is used for the walls and ceiling.

While both packages include premium materials, the main difference between the packages is how much you want/can do yourself vs. how much you want/need us to do. If neither of these packages suit your goals, we can always do a custom shell quote, too.