Up your game from weekend DIYer to Tiny House Builder.
It only takes that killer idea you have and Tiny House Foundations.

Tiny House Foundations has removed the guesswork and provided a clear path to building your own home with easy & quick to assemble, precision-engineered steel tiny house kits. If you’ve considered building a tiny house with your own hands (and, ok, maybe a couple of friends’ hands, too!), you’ve arrived at the perfect place to begin! Start by getting acquainted with our flagship products and services below. 

Tiny House Foundations Custom Steel Tiny House Trailer

Custom Built Tiny House Trailers

The single most important investment of ANY home is the foundation. This holds especially true for tiny houses. Believe it or not, all trailers are NOT the same! Our custom trailers have been professionally designed and engineered to absorb the rigors of the road... and   your life in motion!

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Steel Framed Tiny House Kits

The second most important investment of your tiny house build is the framing material. Steel framing provides many benefits such as weight savings of up to 60% over its wood counterpart, durability and a one day panel raising are among the reasons professional, and DIY builders alike choose Tiny House Foundations steel frame kits!

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DIY Build Certification

Each kit includes Bildsworth's certification. This certification provides step-by-step guidance through compliance inspections (life, fire safety, energy & construction), regulations, interim protocols, and best practices. You can also use the certification to obtain tiny house insurance, access financing, and even more!

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Over the years, we’ve been asked tons of questions, but this one we get nearly every day…

"Why Does Tiny House Foundations ONLY Recommend Steel Framing?"

Well, here are just a few of the reasons steel framing is superior to its wood counterpart.

Assembly is fast!
Raise your frame in less than ONE day!

100% recyclable
With nearly ZERO waste!

Zero VOC's or off-gassing.

Won't wrap, shrink or crack!

Has Super Powers!
Highly resistant to humidty, fire, mold, termites and rust.

Lighter than Timber
Steel is 30-60% lighter than traditional wood framing.