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Tiny House Foundations Trailers
Tiny House Foundations Trailers
Tiny House Foundations Shell Builds

The first builder to bring the toughest, lightest, steel framed tiny houses to the USA now brings the EXACT same quality, durability and weight savings in a DIY-friendly kit that goes up in a SINGLE DAY!

Steel provides a better return on your framing investment. Unlike on-site house framing, Tiny House Foundations puts 80% of your framing investment in the quality of materials rather than the labor costs needed with wood framing.

Our 20GA, high-tensile, U.S. steel gives you 10x the strength of wood while saving 40% – 60% of the weight. Not to mention, the build process is fast! There will be no measuring, cutting, or waste. The CAD-controlled machine rolls the steel studs to precise dimensions and extrudes them in a tactical order. This makes for quick panelization and easy assembly. You also get the benefits of pest, rot, and rust resistance from the galvanized steel.

No matter if it’s a Small Home, Mobile Business, Garage, or Backyard Shed, you’re building, count on feeling better about the assembly, longevity and structural integrity of the build.

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